Mygear – Custom Jerseys, Varsity Jackets and T shirt


1. What is GSM?

GSM(grams per square meter) simply means the weight of the fabric when cut exactly in a square meter size.

2. Is Gsm related to fabric quality?

Not necessarily, the fabric quality purely depends on the yarn quality used and the strength of the fibres(refinement), also depends on the yarn count in the fabric (coarses & wales per cm).

3. How much does a t-shirt cost?

Since we customise the t-shirts, the pricing factor mainly depends on the quantity, design(type of print suitable) and the material(cotton / polyester) used and the style(collar & sleeve options) required. We have you covered with t-shirts ranging from 80IN/- to 800INR/-

4. What is the lead time of my order?

Generally we would require a week's (1 week) time to complete small to medium scale orders(50-100pcs). However orders with time consuming customisations like sublimation, individual prints, cut & sew patterns & embroideries may require more time best advised by our officials.

5. What is meant by sublimation printing?

Dye-sublimation printing is a computer printing technique which usds heat to transfer dye onto fabric. However sublimation is only possible on white polyester and light color fabrics. Any digital design can be printed using sublimation technique.

6. How long does printing lasts?

Different type of printing has different durability, Screen print and vinyl printing upto 50 washes* Sublimation printing lasts forever. DTG(Direct To Garment) upto 35 washes* Eco solvent print and cut upto 35 washes*

7. What is the best way to preserve the print on the tshirt?

Turn the t-shirt inside out when washing and drying Using cold water is much gentler on the fabric than warm water Do not bleach or use heavy detergents. Do not iron on the print directly.

8. What type of printing do you do?

Firstly we inspect the design thoroughly and decide what kind of printing aptly suits the requirement and is most efficient and effective cost & quality wise. We are covered with Screen (plastisol, discharge & pigment) , sublimation, Vinyl(reflective, glow), print & cut techniques engineered to meet any kind of printing requirements.

9. Can you print photos on t-shirts, mugs, sippers?

Yes, we can print digital images(photos) on t-shirts, coffee mugs, sipper bottles, keychains by using sublimation print technique.

10. Can my logo be embroidered on the t-shirt?

Yes, we have embroidery option available, embroidery option is best put out when the logo is small and less detailed, Logos with gradient colours and fine miniature detailing would not be apt for embroidery.

11. Can the t-shirt be customised according to a photo found on google?

Yes in most of the cases, the stitching style cannot be customised for single pieces and small order quantities.

12. Do you have seperate tshirts for men's and women's fit?

Yes, we do have some t-shirts readily available exclusively tailored for men's and women's fit, and orders above 100pcs can be manufactured with the required fit for any style.

13. Do you have couple t-shirts available?

Yes, we have couple t-shirts available across 5 colours and 50+ designs.

14. Can i Customise a single piece?

Yes, single piece customisation is possible on t-shirts, mugs, sippers, keychains and masks. And if you dont find the desired t-shirt in our store, no worries:) you can get your own t-shirt from outside and get it printed from us.